The reason we are the number one Car Topper on the market is twofold. One, we build the toughest tinny on the market, and two, we build the driest, safest, best handling vessel in the sub 80kg
weight division. Welded in seats supported by side ribs, making the seats a structural part of the boat, its stop hull twist, it also means no rivets to leak. All fore decks and rear corners are fully welded it’s clearly stronger than our stich welded competitors.

Ride and handling – it’s more than ‘just’ an opinion. The key to a better riding, handling and tracking hull requires more than just a basic hull shape. If you want better, you’ll need something a little more tangible than an opinion. The Second generation “G2” Edge Bottom as designed by Tim Stessl is clearly visible on the bottom of every hull, it’s a tri hull arrangement and under way it traps a cushion of foamy water beneath the hull that acts like a shock absorber. The “G2” Edge system also increases the surface area of the bottom of the vessel, therefore safety is increased, and as an added benefit, the boat floats in less water. In other words, Makocraft Topper Tracker means stress free boating for you.