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Our Estuary Tracker Open is a standard layout version of our famous Estuary Tracker Tournament. The vessels are popular with the car topper market, or anyone looking for a super stable, slightly larger and wider beamed vessel than a car topper, but still maintaining the low horsepower performance.

The reason for its popularity is that we make it from 2mm and 3mm materials, it has a naturally flatter deadrise than a dinghy and is equipped with our Gen 2 Edge V system. The Gen 2 Edge V creates the transom lift needed to counter the negative effects of a heavier four stroke. This, couples with the open layout of the vessel, and flatter deadrise, and hey presto you have one very capable boat with as little as 20hp.

The “G2” Edge V Bottom also has the added benefit of trapping air and foam between the sponsons that would otherwise side escaped from under hull as spray. This has two benefits – one, it makes the hull extremely dry riding, and two, it gives a soft cushion of foam and air to land on. Keep it simple or pimp it out, the choice is yours.

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