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The Makocraft HD Dinghy isn’t just a boat, it’s an icon of Australian ingenuity.

The HD Dinghy range is the largest of the vessels that we construct with our signature Edge V tracking system. The Edge V system. It’s just the start. The HD range of tinnies run a razor-sharp entry, deep mid ship V and a flat transom giving you a V/deadrise for all occasions.

Build strength is second to none manufacture, with fully welded decks, solid corners, plenty of pressings in the bottom sheet, anyone that’s ever owned a Makocraft knows they are built to last. Add the Edge V into the mix of great features this hull has and the awardwinning Edge V system and that’s why our range is iconic. The Edge makes the boat track dead straight, traps foam and air under the hull cushioning ride, increase the footprint of the vessel in the water at rest which gives the boat the stability of a 2.2m boat.