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The Estuary Tracker Tournament range is a state-of-the-art fishing platform for inland waterways and rivers. It has “G2” Edge Bottom built in stability features in every model and a low windage factor making it a favourite for Sports, Tournament and fly fisherman and ladies everywhere.

The lower free board means the wind glides straight over vessel without moving the boat around which really helps when I’m finesse fishing under an electric, especially with light jig heads or deep sinking fly. The vessel also has a well-planned and laid our casting deck.

The Estuary Tracker Tournament has a wide and long front cast deck and the underneath sub floor area is cavernous, there’s plenty of room for my batteries, safety gear and all my tackle and spare gear. I can easily fish with two people comfortably on the deck without tripping over each other. That’s not the only reason I love this boat so much, it’s the advanced stability that the “G2” Edge Bottom offers that’s allowed us to raise the cast deck to right just under the gunwales with no loss of stability.

I’m now mastering casting techniques like pitch, skip and flip casting so much easier, if I can cast tighter to the structure with ease I catch more and larger fish, screaming reels for everyone!