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This model is based on my Outer edge hull series, a proven performer in a range of conditions. Built in hull shapes such as the variable dead rise hull, reverse chines, rib for rib construction and rockered bottoms all make the difference. It has taken years of designing and testing to combine the exact combination of hull V/Deadrise crossed with weight distribution, length width and positioning of the reverse chine and just the right amount of rocker.

Every one of these design features can and do work independently of each other, but when it’s these elements are combined, you get a truly game changing experience. Standard features haven’t been skimped on either and I have included a wide beam for stability, safety and added benefit of plenty of room. Wide side decks to sit on and lean against, a full width built in pod for safety and strength, rear extended boarding steps making boarding much safer while a walk thorough screen makes for easy anchor retrieval.

Windscreen grab rails are ready to steady yourself and help you up and out of your seat while high density foam seats provide comfort for even on the longest days on the water. I have made a boat I would I’d be proud to own and take my family out in.