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“It takes skill and experience to produce great aluminium boats. In fact, most of the herd employs the old “KISS” principle (Keep it simple stupid), but the best manufacturers can turn a dull and uninspiring workboat into a tough, ergonomically sound aquatic performer such as the range of Makocraft HD SUV (Heavy duty sports utility vessels).

No, tinnies aren’t just tinnies. Makocraft produce some exceptionally robust models employing plenty of welded internal structure, premium marine grade aluminium and state of the art welding method to ensure your investment won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

Look deeper into the specifications and I’m sure you will find the robust weights with voluptuous dimensions providing more secure riding and safety characteristics combined with plenty of internal volume. The Makocraft HD SUV range have plenty of secure freeboard, wide beams and dynamic entry designs plus internal features that make boating life a pleasure.

Whether you’re after a basic tiller steer tinnie, or a fully fitted sportsfishing adventurer Makocraft provide a wide range of standard inclusions and options to create your perfect boat. And they’re Aussie Made!”