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This is weaponised alloy – the question you have to ask yourself isn’t if this boat is tough enough for you, it’s are you tough enough to battle fish it will take you to? Designed to go far and wide and handle the toughest of conditions, it’s not just a tough plate boat, it’s the toughest of the tough plate boats.

The genuine plate construction are a cross matrix of 4mm rider stringers, 10mm keels, 4mm floor bracing, all pulses migged together, creating the perfect variable deadrise. Shallow draft, deep amidships V and a razor-sharp entry for all conditions, it carries a massive chine to chine measurement, huge side decks, deep internal free board and a full bow.

We have designed the layout to be uncluttered with plenty of available deck space. The console is mounted slightly forward of amidships to maximise fishing space, without compromising the balance point.

The console is both robust and large, big enough to take all your electronics and then some. The casting deck has a mountain of available space to house whatever you require, while the transom is fully enclosed.

If you’re young, or young at heart, and love the sound of a screaming reel – the Canyon Console was built for you.