Proudly family-owned and operated, Nautilus Australia was founded by Alex Sidorov and Dmitriy Dubs, life-long boaties with an eye for quality and value for money, specialising in versatile European day boats, weekenders and RIBS.

Both Alex and Dmitriy have extensive backgrounds in customer-centred businesses.

Growing up on the far-east Russian coast, Alex started boating at just two years of age with his father who developed ingenious solutions to improve his boat’s position in the water, its efficiency and comfort. Alex helped his dad in his workshop, took dinghies out from around age six, and acquired a life-long love of the water, fishing, water sports, and generally messing about on boats.

As an adult, Alex crossed the Baltic Sea many times, a thirst for adventure he brought with him when he followed his daughters and emigrated to Australia, exploring the north Queensland coastline and Whitsundays.

Described by his daughter, Olga as “the creative genius of the family”, Alex is just as energised today about boats and boating and swears by the ethos that “you can’t live in Australia without a boat”.

Son-in-law, Dmitriy has extensive knowledge importing and sales, developed during his career in the prestige automotive business, and he applies the same personal approach and pride in supporting each and every customer.

Now thoroughly ensconced in the boating industry, he enjoys merging work and leisure and is finding new pleasure in getting out on the water with his and Olga’s young children – the next generation of passionate boaties.

Together, Alex and Dmitriy analysed the market and found there was a niche for high-quality, seagoing vessels that would support fishing, adventure, coastal cruising, and family fun on the water. They regularly attend international boat shows to bring the latest and most reliable vessels to the Australian market.

They chose the Polish-made Parker brand of boats from 6 to 11 metres for their quality, reputation, offshore rating in many models, and the array of features each model offers at a very competitive price.

In Europe, enduring some of the harshest conditions on earth, Parker boats are the trusted choice of researchers, scientists, water police and coast guards, chosen for their sturdy build and stability.

Made in Italy, Lilybaeum is an exciting new brand to Australia, specialising in custom-built, luxury day boats, ideally suited to the Mediterranean, which will adapt perfectly to our harbour waters, rivers, lakes and coastal cruising.

“Boating is the ideal family pastime,” says Dmitriy. “Getting out on the water, a big lungful of sea air and nature all around. It’s the one way to switch off from work and the world, reconnect as a family and recharge.”

The team at Nautilus Australia are looking forward to introducing the versatile and hardy range to the Australian boating public, confident they will find their perfect fit to suit their lifestyle, interests, and budgets.

Most of all, Alex, Dmitriy and Olga are dedicated to ensuring the ownership experience is totally positive.

“We go out of our way to ensure our customers enjoy every part of the ownership experience. We make it accessible, cost-effective, low maintenance and enjoyable. We take a personalised approach to each and every client, from quote to delivery and after sales support.”

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